Warms the Heart : )


Dave was absolutely amazing for our ceremony on the beach on 5/20/13!! We did do the rehearsal with him the day before which was great because we got to all meet him ahead of time (which we hadn’t because it was a destination wedding). He was funny, laid back and helped ease anyone’s nerves.

The actual ceremony was AMAZING and it was my favorite part of our wedding. He did the same thing a previous poster said about kind of quietly cheering us on (guests could not hear). It was great and we both loved him! Guests kept complimenting him especially the guests who I think may have been a little wary of a “non-church” wedding. Those people personally came up to me and said how beautiful the ceremony was and how it wasn’t what they were expecting at all. This is all a great compliment to Dave Keller who made it so special. We had a reading, he did a blessing (which he asks you ahead of time if you want a blessing, is it okay to mention God, which we said yes to both). We did a sand ceremony which he also made so very special. He explained it to our guests and everyone just loved that aspect of the wedding.

Overall, I can with confidence recommend Dr. Dave Keller! He is amazing and clearly loves his job and honestly we noticed how HAPPY he looks in the pictures guests took of our ceremony. Loved it and loved him!! Thanks Dave!!