THIS is why I do this… ‘job’!!!

Thank YOU Kim & Eric for allowing me the honor : )

We were searching for an Officiant who was spiritual and laid back. Our wedding planner recommended Dave Keller to us because of his relaxed approach, kind demeanor and overall, open mind. We spoke with him on the phone and eventually met with him in person. Immediately, we were drawn to him – he was sweet, engaged and listened very intently. We had a lovely lunch as he asked the appropriate questions and made suggestions on things which could be woven into our ceremony.

Dave’s website was extremely intuitive and easy to navigate. We simply filled out a form and the later, I emailed him the ceremony text. He was quick to respond to emails and was available if we needed him.

Fast forward to the day of our wedding:
During the ceremony, Dave walked us through each step, while quietly reassuring us. His calm exterior was welcoming, as his lovely energy rubbed off on us. His smile endeared us all and he made our ceremony as beautiful as I had originally hoped. Dave was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Bottom Line:
2 thumbs up! I wish we were in closer proximity to him so that we could revel in his positivity and beautiful outlook on life. Every bride should be so fortunate to hire him.