Mission Accomplished!

One potential drawback of having a ‘Destination Wedding’ vs. having your wedding at ‘home’ is the lack of familiarity with your Wedding Officiant.  This is one of the biggest and most meaningful moments of your lives!  Wouldn’t it be nice to at least feel comfortable with that person?  It is always my mission to ensure that I bring positive elements to your Outer Banks Wedding Ceremony.

  1. I want to be sure that you don’t lose sight of what this moment is all about.  Take a minute, (whether it be just before you walk down the aisle, during your ceremony or in those few brief moments after you are married), to just look around at your setting, the people surrounding you and just take it all in.
  2. I want to instill confidence in you so that you know you are in good hands and that I will help you along every step of the way and remove as many “what ifs” as I can.  I know if I can do that… you will be much more comfortable and relaxed so that you can fully appreciate and enjoy the moment.  Which leads me to…
  3. I never lose sight of the significance of this momentous occasion… but I do like to have fun!  I always like to bring an element of fun to your OBX Wedding too.  There’s not much that’s more effective at putting people at ease as much a smile : )
This is my ‘Mission’.  There isn’t much that I’ve experienced in my life that I find more rewarding than when I know that I was able to accomplish this ‘Mission’.  To know that I could add even a little bit to what is already such an incredible occasion fills my heart with pride and a great sense of accomplishment.  So when I receive a letter like the following, I can only say; “Mission Accomplished!”
Hi Dr. Dave,
Thank you so much for being there on our wedding day and making it so
special!  People actually were asking us how long we had known you.
They were surprised to hear we only met face-to-face the night before.
You made our ceremony very comfortable and special.  We appreciate your
efforts and you have always been quick to respond and very thorough in
your follow-up.  It was always appreciated… especially during the
most hectic times of wedding planning.  Take care!
Thanks again,
Eric & Danielle

2 Replies to “Mission Accomplished!”

  1. Hey Dr. Dave
    John and I are coming up on our 1yrs anniversary in a little over 3 weeks! We still think about you everytime we talk about our amazing wedding. You were the best!! Everyone see the picture of me giving you a hug after the ceremony and ask, how did you meet him? I smilply smile and say it was fate that brought us together and tell them I met you for the first time about 30 minutes before you married John and I. I have the video of our wedding and it is amazing!! Everyone still says that it was the most fun, laid back, feel good wedding ever. I have to say you made me feel like it was the easiest thing I had ever done!! You are an amazing person!! I thank God that you were put into our path!! I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding!! I can’t thank you enough for making that day so special!!
    Thanks a million,
    Samantha and John

    1. It’s so great to hear from you Samantha! Thank you sooo much for the wonderfully kind words. Knowing that I could add to such an incredible occasion means everything to me : ) Your thoughtful words have thanked me more than you know! I hope that our paths will cross again.
      Until next time…

      Be Good,

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