They came back!

I had the ultimate honor of marrying Jennifer & Taylor 5 years ago. But when their twin boys kept asking why they weren’t in the wedding photos… they decided to celebrate their 5 years of marriage in a way that would include their beautiful boys. And I again recieved the heart warming honor of Officiating such a wonderful occasion. Thank You Jennifer, Taylor, Blake & Brantley!!!

OBX Elopement

What a Fun, Sweet couple!!! So happy to share in their moment… and be the photographer of this awesome pic! *Of course Brandon did just a little editing* ; )

Hi Dave!

Brandon and I just wanted to thank you so much for a lovely ceremony! It was exactly what we had wanted and everything we hoped for. We can’t picture doing it any other way. Attached is a picture you were a part of. Brandon did some editing on it. All the pictures turned out great, but this is a favorite.

Thanks again for a wonderful wedding!!

Kelsey and Brandon

What a unique location!

Incredible weather, amazing setting, (Yes… those are horses on the beach!), and one of the greatest days of their lives!  What better way to spend a Palm Sunday?  Thank You Jason & Ashley for allowing me the honor of serving you as you start the rest of your lives together.  And Thank You to Doug & Michelle of Outer Banks Productions for sharing the great pic!

Welcome to your OBX Wedding Ceremony!

Thanks for stopping in.  My name is Dave Keller, aka Dr Dave, and I would like to congratulate you on your upcoming Outer Banks Wedding!  The Outer Banks has quickly become one of the most popular wedding ceremony locations around.  Please spend a few minutes looking over my website to see if I may be of service to you. If you want to check my availability, just fill out the ‘Availability Inquiry’ at the sidebar of any page and I will reply A.S.A.P. I do hope I can be a part in making your special day exactly what you envision!