Who’d a thunk it?


What an incredible weekend and OBX Wedding. I received the ultimate honor of Officiating my college roomate’s wedding, ( …and no, it was not at Seminary school. ; ) Reminiscing, laughing, marrying his Besty… and taking a few pics. Thanks & All the Best to you Jason & Mari!

Gotta Love It!!!

Dr. Dave, we recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary on 8/8 and wanted to share this with you. You made our day all the more special, so thank you!

They came back!

I had the ultimate honor of marrying Jennifer & Taylor 5 years ago. But when their twin boys kept asking why they weren’t in the wedding photos… they decided to celebrate their 5 years of marriage in a way that would include their beautiful boys. And I again recieved the heart warming honor of Officiating such a wonderful occasion. Thank You Jennifer, Taylor, Blake & Brantley!!!

Don’t ever lose sight…

of what is truly important.


We didn’t get to be outside for this ceremony, but it didn’t matter. Kelly & Patrick had the best attitude!!! They were upbeat and fun throughout the whole weekend, had a beautiful ceremony and were an absolute pleasure to be around. They just wanted to be married 🙂


Warms the Heart

“Words cannot even express how happy we are that we found Dr. Dave to officiate our wedding. From the very first conversation, he was incredibly responsive, kind, knowledgeable, professional, and warm. He added an element to our wedding that I’m not sure I can even pinpoint with words. He made us feel comfortable and special. He led the ceremony in such poignant and meaningful way with the right amount of levity. I just cannot say enough. Our families are still talking about how great Dr. Dave was. Planning a destination wedding can be scary, but trust me, Dr. Dave is who you want to guide you through your big day.”

What an Honor

You would never know how early in the season this was… perfect day! Congratulations Daniel & Lorrie!!! Always an honor to serve those that serve

Seaside Soulmates

Sometimes all you need is the ocean and your soul mate in order to get married.  It also helps to have an awesome photographer to capture it; Alex Couey Photography! Congrats again to Stacy & Marty!!! One of the coolest couple ever!

THIS is why I do this… ‘job’!!!

Thank YOU Kim & Eric for allowing me the honor : )

We were searching for an Officiant who was spiritual and laid back. Our wedding planner recommended Dave Keller to us because of his relaxed approach, kind demeanor and overall, open mind. We spoke with him on the phone and eventually met with him in person. Immediately, we were drawn to him – he was sweet, engaged and listened very intently. We had a lovely lunch as he asked the appropriate questions and made suggestions on things which could be woven into our ceremony.

Dave’s website was extremely intuitive and easy to navigate. We simply filled out a form and the later, I emailed him the ceremony text. He was quick to respond to emails and was available if we needed him.

Fast forward to the day of our wedding:
During the ceremony, Dave walked us through each step, while quietly reassuring us. His calm exterior was welcoming, as his lovely energy rubbed off on us. His smile endeared us all and he made our ceremony as beautiful as I had originally hoped. Dave was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Bottom Line:
2 thumbs up! I wish we were in closer proximity to him so that we could revel in his positivity and beautiful outlook on life. Every bride should be so fortunate to hire him.

Cute Couples

One of the best parts of my ‘job’ is that I get to meet some really cool couples! Here was one that I got to meet last weekend

Caught this beautiful couple relaxing on the beach.

Warms the Heart : )


Dave was absolutely amazing for our ceremony on the beach on 5/20/13!! We did do the rehearsal with him the day before which was great because we got to all meet him ahead of time (which we hadn’t because it was a destination wedding). He was funny, laid back and helped ease anyone’s nerves.

The actual ceremony was AMAZING and it was my favorite part of our wedding. He did the same thing a previous poster said about kind of quietly cheering us on (guests could not hear). It was great and we both loved him! Guests kept complimenting him especially the guests who I think may have been a little wary of a “non-church” wedding. Those people personally came up to me and said how beautiful the ceremony was and how it wasn’t what they were expecting at all. This is all a great compliment to Dave Keller who made it so special. We had a reading, he did a blessing (which he asks you ahead of time if you want a blessing, is it okay to mention God, which we said yes to both). We did a sand ceremony which he also made so very special. He explained it to our guests and everyone just loved that aspect of the wedding.

Overall, I can with confidence recommend Dr. Dave Keller! He is amazing and clearly loves his job and honestly we noticed how HAPPY he looks in the pictures guests took of our ceremony. Loved it and loved him!! Thanks Dave!!